Welcome to AccessMap!

We want to enable accessible, safe sidewalk trip planning for people with limited mobility. Our application is still in beta, but we would love for you to try it out. Click below to go to the map, register so you can get involved with AccessMap, or click 'Donate' to make a tax-deductible contribution to the AccessMap project through the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology.


The AccessMap project is an effort to enable accessible sidewalk trip planning for people with limited mobility.

The Map

The legend below describes the elements that can be seen on the default map.

FeatureDisplayed on map
ElevationGreen, Yellow, and Red lines (sidewalks).
Curb RampsBlack lines.
Construction (Temporarily removed from the map)
Bus Stop

Data Sources

Our data comes from many places, so we want to call attention to the organizations that are providing the data we need to make our application work.

Sidewalk & Construction
SDOT through data.seattle.gov
National Elevation Dataset
Bus Stops

Get Involved

You can help us make automatic routing better filling out our survey if you have limited mobility or contact us if you're interested in helping with development.


If you would like to make a donation to AccessMap, click the Donate button above and donate to the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology with a comment mentioning the AccessMap project.


This project would not be where it is today without the help of the following people and organizations:

  • The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology and its director, Anat Caspi
  • Alan Borning, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UW
  • The Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities
  • Seattle Department of Transportation